Book Stores Database Cleaning

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Project Title: Book Stores Database Cleaning

Project Description:
We have an online book store which has a database of approximately 25,000 books.

We need this database to get cleansed at the earliest. The process needs to be followed is:

– Manually check the databases and remove irrelevant, obsolete and outdated records from them.
– Verify records information for relevancy and categorize appropriate data in respective fields.
– Identify incomplete records and complete them by adding missing information
– Remove duplicate records from databases and duplicate data from records.
– Go through with entire database and standardize all attributes for uniformity.
– Verify and validate all information of records against the trustworthy online as well as offline sources.

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  • 6 years ago Tasso Argyros

    There are about 2500 books data with us. First, we need to categorize them as per their categories and then, remove the duplicates and correct any typos.


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