Cleaning and Merging Client Data

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Project Title: Cleaning and Merging Client Data

Project Description:
Our current system to track clients and services is a flat file created in MS Access. It contains over 89,000 records, dating back to 2009. Each time a person visits the agency, a new record is created. It is necessary to enter all the identifying information each time. As a result, much effort is wasted and many of the data fields are duplicated and error prone.

It is also almost impossible to determine the relationships between individuals; i.e. to determine if a client is a head of household and to whom he/she is related. Clients are restricted to one monetary grant per household and it is therefore necessary to keep track of the relationships of the people being served.

Thus, we want you to cleanse, DE-duplicate and merge our database. We can fix following problems by using your data cleaning services:
• Inconsistent and redundant data
• Slow access time
• Lack of flexibility
• Need for installation on each PC
• Inability to incorporate future requirements
• Difficulty and potential inaccuracy of tracking and reporting client information

Each record has 110 fields. The structure of the database does not support accurate or timely reporting. Monthly, quarterly and annual reports are frequently tabulated by hand.

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  • 6 years ago Harry Henderson

    I have 4 different excel sheets which consists data of students from same university.

    The data needs to be matched by comparing unique Ids which is common in each spreadsheet and then you will need to merge those data into one single database.


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