Cleaning & Assigning Data to Corresponding Mexican Municipality

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Project Title: Cleaning & Assigning Data to Corresponding Mexican Municipality

Project Description:
I have an extract from an administrative database on Mexican migrants that includes, among others, individuals’ municipality of birth.

The data was entered manually, and oftentimes, officials either spelled the municipality name wrong or entered the birth locality instead. The data will be used in a research project on migration flows between Mexico and the United States.

I am looking for someone that can go through the list and assign each entry (about 17,000) to the corresponding Mexican municipality.

This work requires a lot of attention to detail: sometimes, locality names are misspelled, while other times, different localities in the same municipality or state have very similar names.

The work can easily be done using searches on Google or Google maps.

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  • 6 years ago Nancy Silliman

    Can you provide a solution to do this? What will be the cost?

    We have 2 database, one contains list of professors and subjects while other contains list of student in that university. We need to match correctly and merge them.


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