Cleaning Audio Files

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Project Title: Cleaning Audio Files

Project Description:
Hello all!

I have a few audio files that need to be edited. Each of them has been recorded with high quality audio. They will be used as voice over on healthcare educational modules.

The task is quite simple but required a software such as Adobe Auditions, or anything else allowing you to edit an audio file.

Here are what is required for each module:

1 Ensure audio is playing in both speakers / headphones.

2 Deleting unwanted material, keeping only final recording of each section. Unwanted parts include narration numbers and repetitions.

3 Clean Transition: Ensuring that we can’t hear cuts between sections + closing gaps.

4 Clean Audio: Removing stuttering,, coughs, loud breathing, gaps between words, ‘Tss’ (tongue noise), ‘uhms’, and other noises.

The audio file will have to be exported in .WAV format.

Would need someone available asap 🙂 Thanks!

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  • 6 years ago Carrie Bloxson

    I’d like to clean an audio file by removing its background noises. Advise your quote for the same.


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