Cleaning Audio Soundtracks

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Project Title: Cleaning Audio Soundtracks

Project Description:
I have about 25 audio clips that have background noise (car tires, people talking, random noises).

I need someone to go through them and clean up the audio files so that my followers have a better listening experience.

Each file is about an hour long, but it should be a very easy job.

Let me know which tool or software and your approach you will use to carry out this job.

I would be interested to receive samples of unclean and clean audio clips, if you have done this sort of job in past.

Also, let me know your cost for this project.

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  • 6 years ago Samuel Totham

    I have 2 audio clips, one of which is 02: 17: 39 long while the second one is about an hour long. I need your help to clean the background noises and get the clear clip.

    Provide your rate and also share some examples if you have done this kind of work in past.


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