Cleaning Images and Text Data

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Project Title: Cleaning Images and Text Data

Project Description:
I have the plain text of a PDF document that contains images and text.

The project is to (1) format the text so that it has the same outline/ format as the PDF including line breaks and indentations and (2) to insert the images from the PDF to be in line with the text.

I have the raw plain text already entered into the destination application Dynamist.

I have also already completed some of the sections. So the project would be for the remaining sections to clean up the text and use the indentation/outline tools in Dynamist to make it match the PDF.

The next part would be to insert the images into Dynamist from the PDF in the same location as they are in the PDF.

Once the contract is signed I will send you the full PDF and the credentials for the Dynamist account.

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