Cleaning & Updating Customer Records

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Project Title: Cleaning & Updating Customer Records

Project Description:
With the rise of undelivered emails, duplicate mail deliveries and failure to reach customers by phone, we have decided to clean & update our customer records.

We want you to cleanse, verify and validate the contact details of more than 95,000 users which includes rectifying spelling errors, DE-duplicating the data and conducting intense Google search to verify and validate details of each user.

Our major requirements includes following:
– Checking all mailing addresses
– Rectifying incorrect residential and official addresses
– Verifying customers’ email addresses and phone numbers
– Identifying and removing duplicate entries in customer database
– Eliminating outdated entries
– Correctly formatting and updating customers’ contact details
– Rectifying spelling errors, typographical mistakes, grammatical and punctuation errors

Let me know if you have any queries.

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  • 6 years ago Scott Clair

    Do you have experience in scrubbing geocodes database? Please let me know.


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