Contacts Cleaning and Enriching Service

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Data Cleansing

Project Title: Contacts Cleaning and Enriching Service

Project Description:
We are in the process of migrating from one database to another, we have exported 3400 contacts and manually ‘tagged’ these contacts with various labels to help segment them.

There are 76 ‘tags’ that a contact might have.

But now, we need someone to assist us in our data cleaning and enriching jobs to complete it within a month.

Following are the jobs where we require your assistance:

– Apply tags to contacts in the excel spreadsheet based on rules supplied by us.
– To clean addresses and phone numbers based on rules
– To create list of organisations based on the original contact list, to enrich this organisation list with data from another spreadsheet (turnover, number of units, parent company, etc).
– To export and cleanse contacts added to insightly since the original export.

We would like a proposed plan on how to achieve this from you, we can send more information, demo data and schema for tags to if desired.

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