CRM Data Cleaning & Merging

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Project Title: CRM Data Cleaning & Merging

Project Description:
Through various acquisitions, we found ourselves with multiple CRM-like platforms and other integrated data systems.

Each division of our organization has their own data-set and their own processes which results in a lot of company-wide data duplication and outdated or incomplete information.

Our goal is to push all the disparate data over to single CRM, making it the system and source of record, acting as a master data repository.

Most importantly we need you to do data cleaning and migration without creating new duplicate records and while also eliminating already existing duplicates.

You will have to sync, dedupe, identify master records, and manage data between our new CRM and other on-premise or cloud applications.

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  • 6 years ago Matt Britton

    Need price for matching the records of new CRM to the old one to identify the invalid, wrong and missing data. The missing data need to be added and invalid needs to be removed.


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