CRM Data Cleaning Service

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CRM Data Cleaning

Project Title: CRM Data Cleaning Service

Project Description:
We are constantly developing new processes and procedures to reach new customers and be more effective communicators, however, the migration and integrations were resulting in bad data, which inhibited our ability to do that.

The bad data included duplicates, incomplete data, and the inability to segment data for sales and marketing efforts.

You will have to eliminate duplicate records in CRM, allowing us to structure our data to effectively market to the right clients.

Further, add the missing values to incomplete records to enrich those and cleanse the data that has any typos/spelling errors.

With clean data, we would be able to effectively communicate to our clients, focus on marketing efforts, and have the ability to create drip campaigns.

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  • 6 years ago Michael R. Minogue

    Let me know, if you are interested to help us cleaning our CRM data by de-duplicating and standardizing contacts.


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