Customer Database Cleansing

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Project Title: Customer Database Cleansing

Project Description:
We have our customer and email data in separate silos: Salesforce and Dotmailer.

With their licence expiry date approaching, we integrated Dotmailer and Salesforce to use Dotmailer’s marketing automation tool and segment more effectively within Salesforce.

The input data contains duplicate records, out of date information, incorrect email addresses and had a lack of company information such as industry type, turnover and employee bands.

Prior to migrating their data, we want to complete a data cleansing exercise as to only import correct data in the new platform.

You will have to sort out the customer data into categories like: businesses that have gone into administration, domains that do not work, emails that do not work, deceased individuals, flag individuals operating on free / ISP emails.

Then you will need to enrich different data fields that have missing values.

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  • 6 years ago Beziel Shambamuto

    We are having a large and messy customer database which requires to be cleansed and standardized.

    Will you please provide a brief about your company and approach for this kind of projects?


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