Customer Database Cleansing Required!!

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Project Title: Customer Database Cleansing Required!!

Project Description:
We are a mass media company who are mainly involved in the segments like print, electronic and digital media. As our company is big, the operational data is giant automatically. With the rise of duplicate email deliveries, undelivered emails and failure to reach customers by phone, we have decided to clean and update all the existing records.

To make our company, customer and user records perfect, it includes rectifying spelling errors, de-duplicating data, normalizing and standardizing entries, etc. Given below are our Key Requirements:

– All mailing addresses checking and rectification
– Validating all email addresses
– Verifying all phone numbers
– De-duplicating all databases
– Searching and completing missing information
– Removing incomplete records
– Making company, customer and user data consistent in terms of formatting

The major challenge is conducting intense Google search to verify, validate and update details of each record so that we can eliminate unwanted marketing expenses and target the right set of customers.

Please advise if you can provide this cleaning service to us.

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  • 6 years ago Pete Palermo

    I have data cleaning requirements for several my databases. Please can you supply me with more information on your company and your database cleaning process. If I am happy with this then we can discuss further.

  • 6 years ago Jeffrey Mcquillan

    Can you clean our customers database having roughly 70K records? The database is stored in SQL; can we discuss over Skype? Please get in touch at earliest!


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