Data Cleaning and Coding

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Project Title: Data Cleaning and Coding

Project Description:
I want to outsource some data cleaning job. I expect I will have a lot more work to offer if this project progresses.

I have a small amount of Excel data that needs to be re-coded in several ways and turned into an access database.

There is name data-field in database which has the format “John Smith” that needs to be converted to “John_Smith”.

The data is a 2 column set of relationship data (Column A has relationship with corresponding cell in Column B). An individual ID code needs to be attached to every unique name appearing in the data and another unique code to every relationship.

Then an access database with approximately 5 fields needs to be created from the Excel data.

Would you be able to do this? Please confirm.

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  • 6 years ago Kimelyz Blau

    My database consists data of CEOs from various software companies. I need your help to standardize the Name data-field as it contains data in different formats like: ‘Kim Blau’, ‘Blau Kim’, ‘Kim’, ‘Blau’,etc. I need you to format this as “Kim Blau”.

    The database also needs to be de-duplicated and also emails needs to be verified and validated.


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