Data Cleaning for Architect Database

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Project Title: Data Cleaning for Architect Database

Project Description:
I need someone with good expertise and experience to complete the task of data cleaning.

I have a database consisting 7000 Architect data and I need assistance to clean and standardize this database.

The task to be performed for different data fields are:

1.) Clean Architect Name – Verify the typos/spelling mistakes.
2.) Clean Address – Verify the address and add any missing values.
3.) Verify City Name – Verify the city with address and add if data is missing.
4.) Verify State Name – Verify State name & add values if missing.
5.) Verify Zip Code – Verify the Codes to remove if any wrong codes are inserted and add codes if are missing.
6.) Clean Phone – Clean-up if wrong phone numbers are given and insert the correct data.
7.) Verify Company Name – Check whether one is still working in the same company and if not check for the latest data and insert it.
8.) Verify & Validate Email – Verify whether the emails are valid by checking syntax, mailbox rules, mail exchange record of mail and existence of SMTP server.

Please let us know if you require any more information.

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  • 6 years ago Rado Kotorov

    I have data of interior designers in USA containing around 25000 records. Will you be able to clean it for me?

    If so, let me know your cost.


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