Data Cleaning for Business & Non-profit Listings

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Project Title: Data Cleaning for Business & Non-profit Listings

Project description:
Need to clean up, verify and correct my Data set of 50,000 business and non-profit listings.

The following information needs to be verified, updated if incorrect and gathered if missing:

Website Address
Physical Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Type of Industry, Product or Service offered
Facebook Link (Profile Page Address)
Twitter Link (Profile Page Address)
Instagram Link (Profile Page Address)
Name of Owner or Marketing Person

This information is a global data set. If the business or non-profit is no longer is no longer in business, then that line of data will need to be removed from the list and added to a separate spreadsheet of invalid listings (so that it can be verified).

How much would this cost to me? Also, advise your time-frame.

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  • 6 years ago Anssi Rusi

    Can you verify and validate an old database pulled out from Crunchbase?

    Please let me know so that I can share in-detail requirement for the data cleaning.


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