Data Cleaning of Ecommerce Store Products

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Project Title: Data Cleaning of Ecommerce Store Products

Project Description:
We have an e-commerce store with about 40,000 products.

We are in need of someone to clean them up, remove duplicates, add attributes, and missing information.

The products will all be exported into CSV files and then updated through Microsoft Excel.

We will provide all of the Excel files and necessary tools needed to fill in any missing information.

This job will be very easy however it may become long and tedious so we need someone who is willing to see this through from start to finish.

The only required skill for this job is Microsoft Excel experience.

For similar requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 6 years ago David Llanos

    I want someone to help me clean my online book store database by removing duplicates and enrich the database as required.


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