Data Cleaning to Improve Marketing of Ticket Sales

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Project Title: Data Cleaning to Improve Marketing of Ticket Sales

Project Description:
We require some advanced data cleansing to help us improve our marketing of ticket sales, particular with helping to identify duplication and to help make the data look more professional.

We need assistance from a company, which attains methods for identifying missing data, validating email addresses, correctly standardizing names and addresses, removing unwanted characters and DE-duplication.

You will have to match records from our own database against records from other agencies that sell tickets, avoiding the sending of duplicate mail to customers and agencies.

Also, you will have to assist us to make overall improvements to the quality and appearance of our lists.

Please let me know the cost. Thanks!!

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  • 6 years ago Felipe Vargas

    Need your help in matching the data of my leads from one excel datasheet to another.

    There are lots of missing values in Sheet-1 which you need to match to Sheet-2 and enter those missing info. Please get back with your timeline for 60K such records.


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