Data Cleansing Benefits

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Data Cleaning

Data Cleansing Benefits

Data cleansing is the process of ensuring that data is accurate, correct and will be protected from breach. A data set is checked manually and against various databases to, following is Data Cleansing Benefits:

– Remove duplicate copies
– Make changes to the content in order to remove or amend incorrect details
– Remove deceased data files
– In order to remove data files for people who’ve opted out of receiving communications, lists are created and sent automatically every month.

A clean and accurate data set will ensure that only those who are interested in hearing from you, or who may benefit from what you’re saying, actually receive a message.

What are the Data Cleansing Benefits?

Decisions Made With Greater Clarity

Quality data is becoming more difficult to come across and maintain. Did you know that on average, B2B data degrades by 35% after only one year? Data cleansing helps maintain quality, giving you more reliable analytics that can help shape the decisions you make. Utilizing up-to-date data will allow you to build a deeper understanding of your audience and develop stronger strategies that will contribute to longer term success for businesses.

Boost Results And Revenue

Clean data is key for successful marketing campaigns and communications. When we deliver a targeted and consistent message to appropriate audiences, response rates are far higher and results are better than average. With increased engagement and interactions, your company will gain a better understanding of the people who need your services and products. By understanding their wants, they’ll be able to target individuals with more personalized messages that are likely to drive high-value business.

Save Money And Reduce Waste

Data cleansing prevents waste associated with physical marketing strategies such as direct mail marketing. With an up-to-date data list, you can be sure that your mailing is reaching the people you want it to. This greatly reduces the odds of your mailing being thrown away before it’s read. Data Cleaning also helps by removing incorrect details that may affect mailing accuracy. This includes details on people who have changed work/home address or even passed away. Your mailings will require less printing and distribution if you exclude these contacts. This saves money and minimizes the environmental damage of your campaigns.

Save Time And Increase Productivity

We all know that time is money. Sales and marketing staff waste a lot of time contacting prospects and customers they aren’t interested in. Streamlining this process improves your productivity, as well as the business’s bottom line because you have more quality time to devote to other tasks.

Additional Data Cleansing Benefits

Protect Reputation

The majority of people don’t want to receive irrelevant information. Many times unsolicited contact, such as spam mail and unverified contact, will damage the reputation of a brand. A more accurate customer data and communication strategy helps ensure that only people interested in your communications are receiving them. This will increase the likelihood of reaping business for your brand, and also help maintain your integrity and reputation.

Minimize Compliance Risks

With many organizations already making changes to comply with the GDPR, it’s important for businesses to stay ahead of the game when it comes to data security and permissions. Regular cleansings of databases help you keep tabs on company contacts to determine permissions and ensure people who have opted out are not contacted by the company. Keeping your data set neat and organized helps avoid the hefty fines generated from breaching GDPR obligations.

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Quick and Easy Data Cleansing

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