Data Cleansing for Insurance Company

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Project Title: Data Cleansing for Insurance Company

Project Description:
Our company database holds details on over 3 million insurance customers.

The project entails cleansing data errors, ensuring that the database is correct, complete and issues related with legacy data are fixed to make sure that it provides a unified view of each customer.

The details of each customer needs to be cleansed, standardized, verified and validated against all the reliable sources of information.

The project involves identifying data in the core systems that needed to be scrubbed to enable a smooth flow through to a new consolidated database system, working through the issues with the disparate inter-company data, merging multiple databases, recognizing the meta data that need to be cleansed, and cleaning historic data, whenever suitable.

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    Provide your rate to enrich the database of finance companies holding 9000 records.


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