Data Cleansing to find Key Person

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Project Title: Data Cleansing to find Key Person

Project Description:
I have a business database with about 20 different data-fields, ex: Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, Type of Business, and the entire corporate tree of the business with all the executives that work there.

Most of these businesses I have, will have all these executives and many other ones with different titles.

My goal is to find the what I think would be the executive that handles the utility bills.

I need to find ONE key person for each of the businesses and DELETE the rest of the executives.

After you complete this first job, if the result is what I need, I will use you for all my other “data cleaning” in the future.

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  • 6 years ago Damon Tassone

    Will you be able to cleanse the database of transportation companies I have to get the standardized and enriched data as output?

    Please let me know how we can proceed with the project.


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