Data Cleansing – To Prepare SQL Database

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Project Title: Data Cleansing – To Prepare SQL Database

Project Description:
We are looking for a data cleaner to wrangle, clean and unify data-sets to build our web app SQL database.

Beside the cleaning certain fields, the goal is to match each of the entry of one data-set with the corresponding entry in the others.

Each entry is a product. It has a brand, a model, a generation (sometimes), a version and its set of technical specs. We can match each version by brand, model, generation and then version name.

Whatever technique you use, what matters is the result.

Please reach out to discuss the subject.

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  • 6 years ago David Liu

    I have hundreds of KDP books that need to be updated with new affiliate marketing content and old content needs to be modified or removed.

    Will you be able to assist me with this service?


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