Data De-Duplication for Lawyers Database

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Project Title: Data De-Duplication for Lawyers Database

Project Description:
We have a database of Lawyers which needs to be DE-duped. Can you help us with it?

Following is the process which you need to follow to DE-duplicate data and clean our database:

– Data Merging: To avoid data scatter, we merge all related data and create a single database.

– Data Matching: We match important and critical information to identify duplicates.

– Data Purging: After finding duplicate records or data, we eliminate them to get a clean list.

Please confirm if you can help us with this and don’t forget to attach your formal quotation and time-scale for completion.

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  • 6 years ago Sam George

    A database of law firms needs data scrubbing, data matching, data merging and de-duplication.

    May I get a quote for this job? Please let me know if you require more information.


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