Data Merging and De-duplication

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Project Title: Data Merging and De-duplication

Project Description:
Hi, I have a mess of spreadsheets. I need data from all of them combined into one CLEAN master spreadsheet for upload into outlook.

The spreadsheet has roughly 2000 records, many duplicates that need “manual merging”.

There are about 40 data fields present in spreadsheet. Many of the data fields are entry and spreadsheet also has many duplicates.

You will first need to find the duplicates and then have a look if duplicate and original data both contain same data fields, if not you will need to enter the data that are missing in original data.

I hope my requirements are clear to you. Let me know, if you have any queries.

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  • 6 years ago Edward Flinchem

    We are looking to have the following done to our list:
    – Data De-duplication
    – Data Merging
    – Data enrichment
    – Data Standardization

    We have list of about 6000 restaurants and all these tasks needs to be performed on the same.


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