Data Standardization and Enrichment

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Project Title: Data Standardization and Enrichment

Project Description:

I need a data cleaning specialist to clean the fields in this excel spreadsheet. There are about 4000 entries in the spreadsheet.

There is one address column that needs to be separated into three columns – country, state and city and standardized.

Some data enrichment work is also needed. For example, where the city is specified but not the country or state, I need you to look this up and add this information to the spreadsheet.

The first 70 or so entries will be provided as an example.

Before starting the project, we will talk about methodology and also deliver you excel spreadsheet.

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  • 6 years ago Eitan Anzenberg

    A complete list of CEOs of different companies needs to be scrubbed and standardized. Let me know your cost for the same.


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