Data Verification for Accountants Database

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Project Title: Data Verification for Accountants Database

Project Description:
I have 2 databases for Accountants working independently or for different firms in New York and another one is for whole USA.

We need to verify the records in New York Database with records of USA database inorder to get the accurate database.

You first need to pick one record and search for the same record in another database to check whether it exists or not.

Then, you will need to verify and enrich the records as if any values are missing or there are any spelling errors.

Next step is to update the records with the latest information. For example if one has moved to another firm.

The final step is to remove the stale records and standardize the database.

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  • 6 years ago Amy Huntsman

    I need you to enrich my database of manufacturing companies with their respective company emails .

  • 6 years ago Eric Oetker

    Will you guys be able to help me get my database cleansed and validate the emails and get them to my online portal?

    Looking forward to your response!!


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