Database Cleansing through Data Segmentation Process

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Project Title: Database Cleansing through Data Segmentation Process

Project Description:
We are in a need to identify and manage duplicates which exists within our supporter database.

Our database consists of multi-million records. Please note that duplicates are not the issue; a far deeper problem existed in relation to data suppression – movers, goneaways and deceased.

Due to the extremely high number of data suppression within the database, the data segmentation would need to take place in order to effectively manage the identified data quality issues.

You will have to guide us your approach for the data cleaning tasks. All records supplied to us should be processed through all data cleansing routines.

De-duplication should be carried out to remove duplicate individuals, data has to be matched and reverse matched to PAF (Postal address file) to improve address structure and quality, all goneaways, movers and deceased individuals were flagged.

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  • 6 years ago David Reasner

    For instance, Can we get a quote? What is the duration of removing all the duplicates and enriching the missing values for a database having 2 Million records?


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