Deleting Unwanted Images from Database

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Project Title: Deleting Unwanted Images from Database

Project Description:
I have a folder that has 10000 images in total,but approx 2000 images are of no use and needs to be deleted.

I will send you the Titles of Images that need to be deleted from the database. You will need to search and delete them.

Also, you will need to check if there are any duplicate images and delete them.

This is a long term project. I have 80 more such folders that needs removal of unwanted images.

Please let me know what next steps you would need from me in order to create a quote and get the project started.

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  • 6 years ago Patrick Kann

    Can you remove the duplicate image of products from a database having 2000 images?

    you will have to look images and match it across all the images in database to find the duplicate and then remove the duplicate.

    Advise your quote for the same.


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