Duplicate Detection on Contacts List – Data Cleaning

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Project Title: Duplicate Detection on Contacts List – Data Cleaning

Project Description:
We are looking to do a duplicate detection on our contacts and accounts lists in our CRM database.

We have ~97,000 contacts with ~8,500 duplicates. Our accounts list has ~61,000 companies with ~3,000 duplicates.

We are looking for a total cost/price per record breakdown if possible.

Do you offer this type of services? Will you be able to do it?

We look forward to your response.
Thank You.

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  • 6 years ago Dmitri Adler

    What is your cost to de-duplicate a database having 50K records? I will discuss further about database once, I receive your quotation.

  • 6 years ago Eric Reed

    We are having 10 database which we need to merge into the one. After merging all the database you will have to de-duplicate it to make it a standardized database.


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