Excel Data Cleaning & Validation

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Project Title: Excel Data Cleaning & Validation

Project Description:
We import a spreadsheet in a database from our website and we need to make sure the data is correct.

1. We need to check if the product exists in our invoice table. If it does not we either need to flag/update our listing or correct it (the most common).

2. We need to check if a purchase order and/or work order have been received in Received Table. If not, we need to flag it so that we can’t import it.

3. We need to match the purchase order and the work order. Sometimes the logistic company sends us older purchase order or work order. If a Purchase Order exist in DB, then it could have already been assigned to another job. But sometimes the Purchase Order is for multiple jobs and it needs to allow import after checking.

4. We also need to check if the work order is for one or more jobs.

We will send you more details upon your confirmation.

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  • 6 years ago Henry Wong

    The company I work for has acquired several companies and we are now looking to merge some of them into singular new entities. Will you be able to assist me? Get back to me on this.


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