Excel Data Scrubbing for Raw Products

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Project Title: Excel Data Scrubbing for Raw Products

Project Description:
I am seeking a dedicated team to work in excel data data scrubbing.

You will have to work 10-30 hours weekly for this task. This project could last roughly 6 months.

About the Job:
* I am in need of someone to scrub raw product excel data into proper classification descriptions.
* Example 1: raw excel data in cell may say “50% cotton/30% polyester/10% rayon/10% other textile material”. The data needs to be scrubbed/formatted as “50% cotton 50% synthetic fiber”.
* Example 2: raw excel data in cell may say “newborn baby boy”. The data needs to scrubbed/formatted as “babies”.
* Detailed scrubbing instructions + excel tips will be provided.

Duties will include:
* Proper classifications are executed in a timely manner.
* Highlight to me any classifications you are unsure about or don’t know.
* Reported errors are to be reviewed, fixed, and understood.

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  • 6 years ago Edward Yurcisin

    Please assist me to categorize my apparel database to different categories and sub-categories. I have around 25K products that need to be categorized.


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