Excel Sheet Data Cleaning

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Project Title: Excel Sheet Data Cleaning

Project Description:
I have an Excel file containing a lot of anchor texts. The anchor words are separated in columns by their categories. Each column has its category name.

I want these links to be cleansed and separated in different sheets by their categories which means you have to create sheets by category names.

Then you will have to convert the anchor text to simple text and then to its URL.

Column ‘A’ should have anchor text, ‘B’ should have simple text and ‘C’ should have the URL of the Text.

I need a quick turnaround on this and will move into other files after this, doing the exact same thing.

Within how many days can you complete this job? Please advise.

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  • 6 years ago Andrew Droll

    Have an excel sheet consisting of 50K contact database. The Name column contain first name and last name together mixed up with some having first name then last name while some has last name and then first name.

    I want you to identify first & last name for each contact and separate them in different columns.


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