Patients Data Cleaning and Merging

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Project Title: Patients Data Cleaning and Merging

Project Description:
Need to create a master data-set from 2 exports of a small doctors office system.

It will be used for further analysis – at first the job is mostly to clean and organize data, however it can expand to data analysis if needed.

Basically, there are 2 files to be worked on:

1) A database spreadsheet with all patients data (contact details and observations, residency info)
2) A PDF that shows all scheduled appointments (2500 pages)

Need to create a new data-set that contemplates in having 1 client per row, having attributes from the PDF as # of appointments made and actual visits (infer frequency for each instance).

This should be a quick short job. I’m available to talk and clarify questions.

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  • 5 years ago David Goodsmith

    We are having a doctor’s database which is quite old. Thus, we need to remove the dead emails, remove incorrect and invalid data to get the rich database.


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