Publishing Company Database Cleaning

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Project Title: Publishing Company Database Cleaning

Project Description:
I represent a leading Publishing company who has many years of customer records which had been created in multiple and independent platforms and datasets resulting in duplicate and ambiguous records.

With such a broad portfolio of content types, it is difficult to get a complete sense of customers and their product entitlements across journals, books, reference works, and other online products while, we need 360-degree view of each customer and clear links between data held in multiple systems.

Therefore we have approached you with requirements as mentioned below:

– Enhance business intelligence with trustworthy, accurate analysis and multi-faceted reporting
– Create efficiencies for staff with clean data for both legacy customers and new licensees
– Bring uniformity to our systems, so all systems tell the same story about each client
– Facilitate linking between records relating to paid subscriptions and online entitlements
– Capture total engagement & enable meaningful reports by joining authors and other key individuals to their institutions
– Integrate customer data from journal acquisitions
– Enable smooth data migration from one system to another

The resulting audit files would show that a large proportion of the records belonged to duplicate organizations, and you will have to de-duplicate the database.

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  • 6 years ago Michael Barrett

    I want to clean my database having 20K records to get an accurate and standardized one.

    Can you please advise an estimated cost for my project?


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