Real Estate Data Scrubbing and Enrichment

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Project Title: Real Estate Data Scrubbing and Enrichment

Project Description:
We are a technology-enabled commercial real estate marketplace with over 35,000 properties listed for sale on our website.

We are seeking an analyst to verify and augment a sample of 1,000 records of these properties listed on our site.

Some of the records are more complete than others and some have incorrect data in fields.

The project would be to check the information provided versus the information available on the agent’s website to verify and augment our fields.

We will then provide a login for a data site that will provide square footage and acreage if they cannot be found on the agent’s site.

Some fields may not be published publicly such as NOI and cap rate. These will be completed to the extent that they are available.

All others should be completed. The 1,000 scrubbed records will be a complete set after filtering out any of these land, vacant, or redevelopment records.

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