Realtors Email Verification & Validation.

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Project Title: Realtors Email Verification & Validation.

Project Description:
We have a database of Realtors having ~200K records along with their email addresses. We are looking for someone help us to validate and verify the email records of the realtors we have in our database.

Will you be able to assist us with this task? For email verification & validation you would need to perform the following process:

– De-Duplicate Emails
– Check email address syntax
– Verify that individual domain specific mailbox rules are met
– Check for improbable names (vulgar, famous, bogus, or suspicious keystroke sequences)
– Check mail exchange record of domain is valid and accepting mail
– Check existence of SMTP server for domain

Awaiting your response!

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  • 6 years ago Daniel Preda

    I would like to cleanse and standardize the real estate companies email lists in Excel.
    Let me know your pricing as I am curious to know about your pricing for this job?

  • 6 years ago Bob Ivins

    Do you offer services of email database cleaning for Students University from any State University Website?


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