Restaurants Database Cleaning & Enrichment

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Project Title: Restaurants Database Cleaning & Enrichment

Project Description:
Hi! We have an old database of restaurants in Washington D.C which is in a need to be cleansed thoroughly.

Your job would include the following tasks:

– Identifying and re-building missing data.
– Removing duplicates and standardizing the data.
– Verifying if the restaurant is still working or it is closed.
– Removing the closed restaurants.
– Adding the new restaurants.

Please quote on this project at your earliest.

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  • 6 years ago Aaron Cox

    I would like to have a quote for cleaning the USA restaurants database and re-build the missing values in the database.

  • 6 years ago David P. Delaney

    I want to cleanse the restaurant ratings verifying them from Google Maps. Can you also delete all the reviews of reviewers those are non-Americans? Please confirm.


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