University Students Database Cleaning

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Project Title:University Students Database Cleaning

Project Description:
Hello Data cleaning Team!! We are contacting you on behalf of a University in USA.

Due to some issue in their system they had to face problem with their student database(completely messed up right now).

We need you to clean their student database. Following are some jobs that you need to perform to clean their Student database:

– Remove the duplicate records from the database.
– Standardizing the data, case formatting and data normalization.
– Verifying address, emails and phone numbers.
– Verifying Subjects and field they have opted for.

Let us know in what time you can complete this task and also let me know your cost.

Waiting for your response! Thanks in advance.

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  • 6 years ago Emiley Johnson

    I tried to pull out the university data from and even succeeded to some extent. But, even after multiple trials the data I got was messed up and incomplete. Thus, I need to clean the data and get a complete well-formatted database.

    Will you be able to provide this service?

  • 6 years ago Kristo Ovaska

    Can you clean database of professors having 20K records? Please let me know.

    The main goal is to check spelling errors and validate the emails.


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