Validating, De-duplicating & Enriching the Database

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Project Title: Validating, De-duplicating & Enriching the Database

Project Description:
We have 1.5 million records in our database—duplicates are rampant and historical data corrupt which results in an inability to build an accurate lead qualification system.

We want you to eliminate duplicates so that, we can find a way to tell a compelling story during their sales process.

After eliminating duplicates you will have to validate and verify the emails to get the accurate records.

Also, there are some records in the database which have emails missing you will need to enrich data in those records.

Please provide your estimate cost and timeline.

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  • 6 years ago Gary Barrett

    Do you have an experience in enriching the missing values for records in data list by doing a sort of web research? I have similar sort of job for you. Please advise.


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