Word Document Cleaning & Formatting

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Project Title: Word Document Cleaning & Formatting

Project Description:
I have a 90 page word doc that needs proper formatting.

The idea and basic concept of what it should look like is already there it just needs to be streamlined and cleaned up.

I need to make sure all the numbers are in proper sequence and I didn’t miss any, that the quotes listed underneath paragraphs at certain points are properly aligned, etc.

Most of the work has been done on this but I just need it fine tuned for consistency, justified, aligned, and to make sure the numbers over the paragraphs are in proper sequence.

Can you help me with this formatting and cleaning of word document?

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  • 6 years ago Tarek Sherif

    Hi I am looking to get two documents formatted, they are in word around 50 pages in total. They include some excel tables. A sample reference document will be provided for formatting and color scheme.

    How fast can this be done? Please advise the cost.


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