Database Cleansing for Ingesting to Software

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Project Title: Database Cleansing for Ingesting to Software

Project Description:
We have a database spreadsheet that needs to be cleaned up for ingestion into our software.

The objective is to have the following columns filled with the correct information:
A – First Name
B – Last Name
C – Company Name
F – Phone
G – Office Phone
I – Address

The following notes describe the project in more detail;
– The numbers after the company names are the phone number. It needs to be removed from the Company Name column so that there are ONLY company names in column C

– The First and Last name can be found in the Alternative Name column, or sometimes in the Address columns.

– Numbers in the Mobile Phone column need to be moved to the Phone column. If there is a land line in the Phone column, it needs to be moved to the Office Phone column. All Mobile Phone numbers are in the following format: 04XX XXX XXX

– All data, EXCEPT Company Names, needs to be “Sentence Case” (EG if a name is JOHN SMITH it needs to be re-entered as John Smith)

Please DO NOT take this job if you do not have experience with Australian/Western names and postal address systems. If entries are consistently incorrect then you will NOT get paid for this job.

I have attached a video with a brief example of a few entries.

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