Excel Data De-duplication, Merging and Cleaning

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Project Title: Excel Data De-duplication, Merging and Cleaning

Project Description:
I have 120 Excel documents with customer contact information I would like merged into one master document.

Each document has around twelve columns and a combined total of around 1M rows.

There are many duplicate entries within these documents in which I need to match all the duplicates up and complete the entry with as much information per the entry as possible. Ex. An entry may have a first name, last name, street, city, state and postal code while that same entry somewhere else may only have the first name, last name and email.

Once completed, this example entry would now have the first name, last name, street, city, state, postal code, and email. All other entries with less information or duplicates of this entry would be deleted.

Many of the cells have place smolders such as N/A, none, or special characters etc. which I would like deleted from the cell and left with a blank cell.

If a cell has items from two categories it would be great to have them spit up and placed in the correct categories Ex. Chicago, IL – Chicago should be in the City column and IL in the state.

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