Realtors Database Cleaning

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Project Title: Realtors Database Cleaning

Project Description:
We have database of realtors which is somewhat stale and need to be cleansed thoroughly.

We have around 100K realtor records in our database. You need to check and rectify each physical address, phone number and email addresses. Also, validate other details like name, company name,etc.

You also need to perform De-duplication process and re-build the missing data sets. With this we can remove unnecessary and incomplete records which will make our database more valuable.

Get back to me with price if you can complete this task.

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  • 6 years ago Bruce Prater

    Please let me know the rate for the project where you are supposed to cleanse the contact numbers and email addresses of real estate firms database that I have.

    Also, you need to De-duplicate the database. Can you do so?

  • 6 years ago Darryl Holmstrom

    I will provide the list of real estate agencies which want to get cleansed. The database consist of 5000 records.

    Please let us know the quote and approximate time required for completing the task.


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